Inner-World is a Best Friend


The entire diamond trade

is powered by the sentiments




‘big moments’.

Is everything I chase

a feeling inside

that I


is outside of myself

in that

or that

or that?

Almost this?  But never quite?

Diamonds sparkle like longing satisfied.

Chasing feelings in the outside when they should be explored on the inside

looks to create a lot of damage.  Think of the hurt and the pain of the diamond trade.  All so someone else can try to capture the feelings of a moment on a finger.

Try to capture feelings?  Like caging animals?  Feelings come and go.  They can be felt and released or denied and stuck.  But they cannot be captured.  Only colonist-types would think that way.

All the sparkle and beauty of the outside surely must equal the sparkle and beauty of the inside world.  It seems to be a big ignorance to confuse the two worlds and seek to do anything as a means for obtaining ones permanence while the other goes exploited or at best ignored.



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