Felt Vision

The Felt is in the room.

Vision has become black and dark brown checkered spots.  Then pure black.

The Felt is in the room.

Clear.  Sure as a seen object.

You know The Felt in a felt vision.

You now know The Felt and you now know you can trust it because you know it.

There is a white, opalescence shimmering through crystal grains and changing spikes and glows of light.  This white sensation is felt with awe and wonder in the pure blackness.

Particles of intuition move through this simmering in the black with different thrusts and arrivals and curls.  Clarity comes through regarding different states of being, existing, experiencing.

Capacity changes.

The Felt is something so different from the ordinary.  If it is not god then it is another dimension and the bigness of experiencing that feels like god it is so big, so numinous, so amazing so wonderful so awe-inspiring.  If it is not god it is some other being communicating in ways that aren’t easily available to humans for some reason.  Maybe because like Carl Sagan suggests we might be too violent.

The Felt shows me my easy follies in my momentary assumptions and movements as if they were nothing more than a jacket to shrug off when I had thought them stuck into my bones.

I experienced the growth I’ve made in a way I could really trust when The Felt shimmered through and let me feel myself from a totally different and completely unexpected perspective or dimension or god-eye or what…

I experienced myself from another perspective.  I felt myself from another perspective.  Not as words coming from loved ones.  I felt myself as a new voice spoke from around and/or within me and informed me with a greater authority, a greater clarity, a greater numinosity than I have ever known how to feel before, that I was transformed.  Too good to be true now I knew could be trusted.

Felt visions are different each time.  What is cool about them is that the feeling leaves you with no doubt.  Interpretation of course is hard but the feeling will come through and sear you like lightning.  For one moment, feeling will give you eyes into the inner world and will let you see exactly how things are without the amazing acrobatic feats of the human ego interpreting things for your eyes instead.

Feelings give inner eyes.

Felt visions are akin to being struck by a feeling-lightning bolt. Who threw it?  Why at that particular moment?



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