Evens and odds

I forgot about fear for a moment.

It wasn’t even in my orbit as a possible response.

For the moment

I was all relaxed myself

and humorous

and enjoying the curlique route

of going for my passion.


It was all all right and it felt so relaxed.

So, so humorous.

And clear.

Most of all clear.

I could do anything I would to do.

It was easy.

And if failure?

More humorous.

Living life without fear is simply relearning how to relax and then laugh at how absurdly impossible the odds have always been anyways.

The odds are impossible.  Ill try to get even anyway.  Even with what I want.  Even with balance. Even with staying soft and loving in the onslaught of such hard truths. Even with the odds.

Life will smoosh me anyway.  I want to go laughing at how absurd it is to even try the odds.

Even with the odds.


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